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Friday, July 29, 2011


WHATTSUP. My name is Knox. I'm super cute and I totally know it. 

I like playing, running around like a crazy dog, and i super like humans. they're really nice and give me TREETZ. yum. Oh and I also LOVE attacking my dog bed.

My mom and dad got me yesterday and brought me to my new home. I waz kinda scared but it'z cool now. Except they put a bunch of GATES around the whole house so I don't have full access to MY house. HOW RUDE.

I met a few other dogs yesterday. One waz wicked big and kinda scary so I hid under my moms legs or under a chair. He might step on my pretty paws....

One of my new fav hangz...

 That's my DAD!

That's my MOM!

Look how pretty I am!!!!

I'm super pumped about all this attention I'm getting. Hope it won't go to my head....

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