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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shiba mini meetup!

Well, this happened a couple weeks ago but of course my lazy typist humother is just posting it now. Le sigh...

But it wuz SUPER pawsome! We met up wif lotsa shibas! And do lotsa zoomies! Weeee!!

Shibas r da BOSS!

Like DAT!

We also had another purpose for this meet up. Another Shiba named Raiden and I did not get off to a good start a few months ago. At our first meet, we were both intact males and very alpha and dominant. Humans made a bad mistake by introducing us for the first time in my home, and I got a little mean. Well, a lot mean. Long story short, we did NOT get along. At all. 

So we let the dust settle, and humans had both of us neutered. And we were hoping for a better round 2. Humom was reaaaaaaallyyyyyy nervous and expecting the worst. But when we approached each other, it was all forgotten and nuffin but play time and zoomies ahead of us! All humans were so relieved =)

Play Play Play!!
Can't wait for NE Shibapalooza!!!!!

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1 comment:

  1. So fun!! I'm so glad they (finally) got along - they're the cutest together!