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Saturday, April 9, 2011

My first post!

Hello! My name is Amanda. My boyfriend Amos and I live in Massachusetts in a lovely town. We have been together for about a year and a half and are very much in love. It was an instant connection and are just a great fit. I have always been a dog lover since a child. I've had 4 dogs of my own in my life, and have been without a pet for quite some time due to living situations that didn't permit dogs. Amos and I finally live in a wonderful home in a wonderful town and felt we were ready to make that addition to our home that I so desperately wanted! Originally, I was worried since Amos wasn't much of a huge LOVER as I. He liked them but has never had the honor of having and loving one. Long story short, he changed his mind awfully quick =)

We were trying to find the right breed for us. I did a ton of research and asked friends about breeds they had. A good friend of mine had a Shiba Inu/Bull Dog pup whom I LOVED! I asked her about her breeder and she told me the breeder didn't really do that mix often, but did breed pure bred shibas. I immediately looked into it.

So throughout my journey of research I've come to find out a lot about this breed. There are some good and some not so good. Such as


These are some of the good, of course there's so much more...

  • Small in size (avg. male gets to about 23-25 pounds)
  • Good for apartments because they are very adaptable to their environment 
  • Light grooming, they have large shedding sessions 2 times a year (sometimes referred to as "blowing the coat")
  • Independent and clean. Shibas do not like to mess where they eat and sleep so potty training can be done quickly and efficiently 
  • Smart! They love a challenge.
  • If socialized correctly as a puppy, is a GREAT family dog and loyal companion

  • Shibas are known to be head strong. If not trained correctly, they will try to rule the house and consider them the "pack leader"
  • Can be a little weary of strangers
  • Although it's in the "Good" category as well: Independent. Shibas tend to be "cat like"
But with the good and the bad, Amos and I are sure this is the breed for us.

After much research and after speaking to a few breeders and meeting one we really liked, we are fairly sure we've found our breeder. When we met her a few weeks ago she had 2 pregnant females. One female has given birth and our breeder is awaiting the arrival of the second litter any day now. We are looking for a male. The first litter already on the ground was 3 females so we are hoping the next litter will bring some boys!

Our search hasn't been as smooth as I had hoped. But it seems after months and months of wanting and waiting, in the next week we should know 100% if our selected breeder will have the exact dog we so desperately want. 

If you're a dog lover and/or you're looking into the Shiba Inu, Please join me on our total shiba inu journey!

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