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Sunday, April 24, 2011


So since my last post, our potential breeder originally thought she would have a puppy to offer us, both pregnant dogs had their liters, but one had to have an emergency c-section to get her 2 last pups out, and within that time, unfortunately one of the puppies didn't make it. And that puppy was supposed to be for us. I'm pretty heartbroken, but on a semi-lighter note, there is another breeder who is expecting puppies. She's about 2 months behind the previous breeder, but if she can offer us a puppy definitely, it's worth the wait. We will be driving up to meet her tomorrow. I am hoping this ends more positively than I'm seeing it play out in my head currently.

I feel like we are ready to take this next step but am not able to actual obtain this dog we want.  What drives me the most insane is I tend to need to be in control of everything in my life, and this is not something I can control at all.

So right now, we're still hoping and wanting. And hoping the meet and greet of this new breeder will be a good and positive experience.

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