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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Knox's Crate Arrived!

So it seems my posts will be petty posts until our boy is here, but i just can't help it! Every little part of this makes it more real that he's coming!


His crate was delivered yesterday as was our brand new living room furniture. Big day! =) We set up the crate tonight. I assumed it was a "tools" kind of project but it actually was a matter of just clipping each corner together. Fairly simple! We'll see if it withstands the brains of a Shiba. My boyfriend and I have a sneaking suspicion Knox will eventually figure out how to get himself out of the crate...but who knows.

It Arrives!

Out of the box...

Amos setting up Knox's new crib

Almost done! (2nd door) There's 2 doors on the crate

 Knox's new ha-bee-tat. Hope you like it, friend! =)

Now we just need a pup to fill this crate and we'll be set! We were hoping for a visit soon but it seems everyone's schedule is crazy lately. Looks like we won't be able to visit until late this month =( But oh well. We shall see them soon enough!

Until next time!

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