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Friday, June 10, 2011

Puppy Pie!

Got a wonderful surprise in my email yesterday, an updated picture of the pups. People keep asking if we know which one is our Knox, and we probably won't know until closer to 5-7 weeks. But it's still so wonderful to see them all grow. I am glad I am able to track his journey and watch him grow from the very beginnings, like this.

We are still getting everything ready. Now that we have things like toys, crate, etc...the more serious stuff comes into play such as indoor and outdoor gates, and fake grass. Currently our outdoor "area" is nothing but pavement and stones, we are hoping to make an area to lay down some fake grass to give Knox the ability to feel "comfy" when he's outdoors and continue getting used to going to the bathroom on grassy areas. He deserves the best! And the best he shall get. But finding this fake grass that's not breaking our banks seems to be harder than one would hope. Typical.  >=(

Unfortunately, with mine, amos, and the breeder's schedules we probably won't find a good time to meet the puppies until the end of this month. But it is good in a way, they will be a little older and much more interactive than they are now. It would be nice to see them at this stage, but it is what it is! I'll settle for wonderful pictures =)

Look Ma! Itza Puppy Pie!

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