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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thank goodness for technology!

Thanks to my buddy Kaiju and his mom, we found this great app that lets mom + dad check on me when they're far away from me at that stupid "work" thing.  It's called iCam and they can leave a webcam on me and can check on me through their phonez and watch me sleeeeeep. Mom says it makes her breathe easier. I dunno what that means...

This is how I like to sleep in my crate! Comfyz!

I made a boo boo twice today...i peedz inside the house =( Mom and dad are worried I might have something called a UTI so they keep trying to hold a stupid cup underneath me while I go to grab muh peez. GROSS GROSS GROSS. They tell me the vet needs it but I don't care. I need MY privacy.

Updatez to come! BYE!




  1. that's so rude that they try to take YOUR pee away from you. It's yours and you should be able to keep it! huff!! (wait a minute. i didn't know my humans were spying on me?!)

  2. I KNOW. They make a big fuss every time I pee outside. Crazy humans. PS- they spy on BOTH of us. RUDE.