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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Learning about the rainbow bridge...

I have a furiend named Curtis. Mommy told me he crossed the rainbow bridge last week. I iz sad. I dunno what the rainbow bridge is but I don't get to see him anymore. I will miss running up to you and jumping in your face and making you run in circles to escape my hyper puppy ways. You were a good furiend. I wuv you and will see you again someday!

Curtis' brother Porter is my bestest bud. He iz very sad cuz he misses his brother. Mommy takes me over to visit Porter a few times a week to cheer him up. I wuv Porter and don't want to see him sad, so I give him many shiba hugs and kisses.
cheer up Porter!

Mommy iz very sad. I lick her eye sockets when she is sad. She's giving me extra hugs, kisses, and noms for some reason. Whatever this rainbow bridge is, I don't like it! It makes everyone no fun. 

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