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Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm a free pup, finally.

The stitches are finally out and the cone is off! I used my Shiba mind control to make sure we made this weekend count. It was my first weekend back in the game and it wuz PAWSOME! I went to the dog park and dog store on Saturday and we went to a nice beach in Gloucester on Sunday.

Humans were really nervous about this weekend. Incase you havent heard (most of it iz lies anyway)..but in the past, I was accused of mounting and marking other dogs at the dog parks and beginning to act really dominant. I even used to try to mark places at the doggy stores and da vet. The marking of other dogs wuz rly bad. I don't know what came over me then. But this weekend it was all about DA FUNZ! I could care less about making sure I was the boss. I didn't mark or mount ONE SINGLE THING! I just ran around (yes, off leash...I iz a fake shiba) playing and chasing other dogs. My humans were super happy and gave me extra noms cuz of it!

Saturday wuz the first day back and we took a nice long walk to the doggy store then all the way to the doggy park. Although humans were stoked cuz it was sucessful, they weren't gunna get their hopes up just yet.
Come on MOM! I don't wanna stop to take pix! Let's GOOO!

But when we went for round 2 on Sunday, they were SUPER STOKED!  As long as I getz extra play time and extra noms...It'z all gravey! Plus I LOVE the beach!
 Guarding humom...



Here's some pictures of me playing the role of Shibasquatch...

Taking in the scenery...

After my pawesome day...I came home to take a little nap.

Pawrents are pleased, so they gave me a brand new pig ear to chew on later in the evening while we kicked back and watched sum human football.

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