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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Special Shiba Puppy Needs a good home in New England!

Hi Boston Sheebs! I am posting this on behalf of a good friend in MA. She has a special little pup who is looking for a very special home, could you be that home? Here's some info about little "Forrest":

Run Forrest Run!
    Meet Forrest, a beautiful cream Shiba Inu boy, born June 27th 2012.  Forrest is winning hearts as one of a litter of three.  In most ways, he is just like his brother and sister, however unlike his siblings, Forrest was born a little different.  
     Forrest was born with a congenital condition called Patellar Agenesis, otherwise known as a lack of kneecaps.  What does this mean for Forrest?  Well, it means he moves a little differently than the others.  He has a bit of hop when he runs full speed, but he certainly keeps up with his friends.  He has been evaluated by two veterinary professionals, one of whom is an Orthopedic Specialist.  While neither is able to say for sure what the future has in store for him, they do agree on a few key points.  First, Forrest is oblivious to his condition… he is in no pain and plays and horses around with joyous abandon.  Second, due to the rarity of his condition, there is at this time no surgical intervention necessary or expected.  Finally, though his condition is rare, there is every reason to believe that in the right home, with the right family, Forrest has a bright future ahead of him and will be a loving and fun companion.  Forrest is an outgoing little boy who can run, play, chase balls, play tug of war, snuggle in for cuddles and give Shiba kisses, but feisty enough to keep you laughing and on your toes……. just like any other puppy. He is comfortable in an x-pen, crate, collar & leash, and reliable with his potty training.  He is very social and friendly with both people and other dogs.  
     You may now be wondering, “Ok, so what does this puppy need?”  Well, the ideal home/family for Forrest is one with active Shiba parents to ensure he gets plenty of exercise to keep his muscles toned, preferably with a fenced yard for playing fetch. Keeping him trim and not allowing him to become overweight will also be important. Another dog to entice him to play and exercise could be good as long as the dog is known not to be too rough at play. Last, we would prefer to avoid homes with young children.

If you are interested in baby Forrest, please contact me!

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  1. Hi! You know...I've been looking for a Shiba rescue, and a puppy is ideal since I have a cat (and I know how shibas can be with cats, so I need a pup who can be raised to be cat-polite from the start). I already have an aging, friendly healthy Siberian husky who needs a buddy. We have very few stairs in our one-level home, and a fully fenced yard. I think I might be perfect for this little guy! Contact me at if he's still looking for a home.

  2. he is beautiful!!!! has he found his furever home yet? we have 2 shibas...7yr mom and 1 yr son...we adopted mom from a breeder as she was "done" breeding and she gave birth 1 week later to one pup!!!! love them! might be interested in forrest too!!