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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Puppy Teeth Farewell!

HOORAY! It's finally here! The puppy teeth are falling out! It all started last week with a loose tooth and a week later, he has lost at least 7, probably more but he seems to be swallowing them or losing them during walks or play time with other dogs. But all 4 sharp canines are GONE! See ya! Adios! Ciao!

 What little evidence we have of puppy teefers

Although I do feel slightly guilty because poor Knoxy is a tad confused about what's going on. He can't pick up his big orange ball anymore. And I can tell he's a little sore. So we've been giving him cold treats and baby-ing him extra amounts =) 

But Amos and I are quite pleased since just a month or so ago we were going nuts with the puppy teeth.

Next stop..neutering. 2 weeks from Friday. I'm very nervous about this. I'm hoping Knox will not be traumatized by this. But it probably needs to be done earlier rather than later. He's quite the alpha male. And he has just begun mounting other dogs. Yuck.

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