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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Meeting Charlie

Charlie is one of humom's new DW Clients. He's a 1.5 Y/O pup who was adopted from The Humane Society just a few weeks ago. He's a sweet and happy boy, although he's sometimes a scardy cat. But that's okay, he's getting used to his new life. Humom brings Charlie over to our house so we can play and wrestle. We have lots of fun. We like to beat each other up and chase each other until we're pooped.

Saying "Hello"

Enjoying a nice walk. Beginning of a sweet bromance.

Nom Nom Nom!

 Charlie: "Hey can I have sum?"

Knox showed us a new "trick" he can do now after the introduction. He started mounting poor Charlie. Fortunately, Charlie didn't seem to mind (too much). But this is new with Knox. He only seems to do it with Charlie, and one other dog he met. But still, it seems our little puppy is growing into a dominant man pup. (We have scheduled his neutering a tad early- he has been maturing quicker than most since he was a wee pup)
 Knox: The "Boss"

Charlie: "OK THAT'S ENUFF!"

And now we rest....

After a couple weeks of playing together, it seems Charlie has gained more confidence, though. He is not letting Knox mount as much, and he is realizing his own strength and really can flip Knox on his back quick. Then of course my drama king whales and screams. Once the tables have turned, it's a whole different story. Figures. 

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