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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

N is for NEUTER.

Sorry, that sounds kind of crude. But as crude as it is, we (the humans) had no problems bidding farewell to those little tiny things that made our cute little pup turn into a crazy man! Knox is finally neutered!

In 1 month, Knox has picked up "marking" what was cute in the beginning has turned into a huge and embarrassing issue that clearly needs to be addressed and worked on. He has begun marking other dogs, and even has marked areas in dogs stores, other homes with other dogs living there, and even the vet. NOT OKAY. We all have our fingers crossed that neutering itself will fix this problem. If not, we have a serious problem on our hands. Obviously Knox is in his recovery stage so no rough play, and NO play dates. We don't even let him go up or down the stairs. He has to wear the "cone of shame" almost all day and he has a sedative the vet gave us to administer the next week if he gets too rowdy.

I'm hoping and praying that this post has positive updates. He LOVES to play with other dogs, but it seems his dominance has gotten the best of him =(

Here's a pic of the miserable sad face I look at pitiful.

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  1. How is it going? I'm sure the neutering will help with the issues, I've heard successful stories from a couple of other Shiba owners. It will take a bit of time and patience though (but then, what doesn't with a Shiba?)

  2. He is doing GREAT! (Knock on wood) We took him to the local dog park, and the dog store we shop at all the time. This was his first real outing since his surgery and he didn't mark/mount ONE thing or dog! I was SO relieved. He played just like he used to as a pup before this issue took place and it felt so nice to see him just running around wanting to play and not caring about marking or mounting. Fingers crossed it stays like this. But it looks like this neutering so far is paying off very nicely =)

  3. Aww. He'll forget that they ever existed and have a great life without them!